Pit Stop With NRG Motorsports

April 24, 2017

What hardware are you guys running?

For World Racing League we are running a 1994 Miata. We have done a number of upgrades from its original Spec Miata platform to increase performance and reliability. We have added a number of options to enhance driver development, information, and safety.

• AiM MXL2 data logger

• AiM SmartyCam

• Car to crew radio communication system (Driver helmet Comm kit required to be purchased for this option)

• Fire suppression system


What does your 2017 racing season look like?

As a minimum, we will be running in the April and August WRL races at HPR. We are interested in a number of out of state races for those that would like to go as well.


What’s your favorite race car? Daily?

Having worked on and driven many different race cars, it is hard to choose just one. But I think the one that really sticks with me is the Audi Sport TTRS VLN race car that we won the overall in 2013 at 25hrs of Thunderhill. It was a big effort and the team never gave up. Although I did not race this car, it was a privilege to be a part of the crew.

 Scariest moment on track?

Watching from the pits as a Cadillac CTS-V media/backup race car t-bone my driver at 115mph closing rate during a media ride along at the Sonoma GP. Both the driver and passenger walked away with bumps and bruises, but the car was nearly a write off.

Proudest moment:  putting that car back together that night and into the next morning to make qualifying the next morning at 9am. The crash happened just after 5pm. We qualified fifth and finished fourth.


What do you look for in teammates?

All the members of our team are big picture racers. Having a can do attitude coupled with staying calm in high stress events are key attributes. But, the most important aspect is a desire to win and having fun doing it.


How do you leverage the collective experience you guys have to help your drivers?

We bring all of our experience to the track every time we are there. Our goal is to provide the best possible car, team, equipment, and experience to our team of drivers.


Why did you put together your arrive and drive program?

We started last year as a case study to determine the actual viability of an arrive and drive program for a budget series. Our goal is to provide professional level support, engineering, and coaching for a price that makes sense.


Tell me about some of the goals you have for drivers that race with you.

Racing is all about competition, camaraderie, fun, and being part of something greater than yourself. We want our drivers to enjoy every aspect of the event and the team. Obviously, we also want to win.  

What type of pre-race prep do you do? Trackside support?

We follow Mark Donohue’s approach of the unfair advantage. Preparation is the key to success in racing. The same procedures I have followed on championship teams is applied to our efforts in our arrive and drive program. At the track, the driver need only be concerned about driving. We have a crew to handle the fueling, tires, pitstops, etc.


How did you get into racing? What makes you such a car guy?

I started off in Autocross, participating in SCCA and Corvette club events. After Autocross, I started participating in open lapping days and NASA HPDE. Over the past six years, racing has become my career and my life.


How will you measure success in 2017?

At the end of the day our success is measured by drivers and customers that happily recommend our services. Those that feel they have gotten value well beyond what they paid for.


Any advice for us amateur motorheads to help us go faster?

Quality seat time. The more you are on track, the more opportunities you have to explore the limits of your abilities. The quality comes from having equipment that is properly setup, coaching that helps you go faster each time you go out, and a team that you trust to make wise choices.


What else?

NRG Motorsports specializes in car prep, setup, engineering, and logistics. We also have the capability of supporting drivers and their cars outside of our arrive and drive program at the track and in the shop. We can race at any track in the country with up to 3 race cars. So, if there is an event a group of drivers wishes to attend, we can make it happen.

We offer scalable services for any level effort. Better than most, we know that racing is expensive and that most racers do not have a large budget. So we design programs to maximize the results for any given budget. We offer both car and driver development that we guarantee will help at any level.